Friday, 28 July 2017

#Mondaymommymoments Is Motherhood hard?

I did a lot of brainstorming around this topic and I have no clear answer whether motherhood is hard or not? If I say yes, it’s hard then I find no such incident so far in my motherhood trek that I should call HARD. In my dictionary, HARD is something you can’t bear at all.

If I talk about sleep deprivation when my boy was a new born, I would say it was happening with my husband as well. He used to wake me up for feeding the baby. Surprisingly, our new born son never cried when he was hungry. He used to toss over the bed but he never howled. And, as I used to be very tired and sleeping deeply, his little disturbance used to go unnoticed by my side. That’s why my husband took the responsibility to wake me up in every two hours.

For us, vaccinations were so cool. The baby used to chill after getting the injection whereas Papa used to feel shocked for a longer time. Teething was again not much painful or puzzling. The baby was never over cranky or over irritated. Thankfully my son was always a happy go lucky person. Except once or twice, he never cried unreasonably. He achieved his milestone easily and smoothly. To everyone’s surprise, he started walking early. He learned to savor solids effortlessly. Although I noticed speech delay as he used to speak very limited till he was 1 and a half. However, then he started going daycare. And rest of the problems get fixed there. With others kids of daycare, he overcame speech delay shortly. With everything scheduled, he gradually learned to sleep and wake up on time. He now eats everything which is home cooked. If someone asks what his favorite meal is, he says “Kadhi Chawal”, although kids of his age now prefer pizzas and burgers.  

So, probably I am trying to say, No motherhood is not HARD for me. But let me put it this way “Of course Motherhood brings challenges but it comes to every mother. And when it is a usual and natural thing, then why it should be labelled as HARD/DIFFICULT”.

My take on motherhood being hard is different. I see motherhood difficult for a subset of mothers. A mother with differently able child faces the challenges which are actually testing and need a lot of patience. I have seen a few families with such kid. They need to think going beyond usual and common for taking care of such kid. I find motherhood difficult there. Another example is of single mothers. I observe motherhood being demanding and tough there. For single mothers, lives go beyond multitasking. They need to give extra and little extra all the time. Comparing to this subset of mothers, I get confused. I have no such extra demand in my life from my kid’s side.

So, should I say Yes, motherhood is challenging or should I say it’s easy for a subset of mothers? That’s why I don’t want to answer this in binary. Nothing like yes or no, zero or one. I want to keep this question subjective. Every mother has her own take on this very question. Mine is “YES it’s challenging and NO it’s not that much. It's normal and easy as well.” 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

It is your stronger will that makes it happen!

A man was attending to the speech of a saint. In his speech the saint was inspiring people to stay away from superstitions and misbeliefs. The saint told that there is only one ruler of this world and he stays inside all of us, so we need to search the surviving potential inside our own selves only. At this the man raised him a doubt.

The man told him about his friend who had been trying to get a government job since long. He added that after a few unsuccessful attempts his friend consulted an astrologer who told him to offer a distinct payer and distribute sweets outside a temple every Thursday to his selection in a government job. His friend did the same in complete faith and he got that job. If the gods are inside us and they don’t need anything from us, why such tricks work?

The saint smiled at him and explained, “Your friend had certainly done all the tricks in complete faith. His great faith in the tricks made his will power stronger than before. Every time he made efforts like offering puja and distributing sweets, he could make his wish to get that job even stronger. He put his heart and soul to this desire and his stronger will power helped him achieve his aim.”

The saint added, “To believe is to half way done. He believed and he succeeded.”

The man got to know the secret of life this way. What we think and what we believe in is what we actually get.

So, always expect the best from life and life would give you its best. Always believe that the best will happen and it will happened. Optimism costs nothing but pays a lot. Make your will power strong enough to believe that I will happen and trust me it will happen. Positive thinking may not be the only thing required to make it happen, it is definitely essential to make it happen.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why I meet and greet kids of my son's daycare Every Day

The first month after my son joined his daycare was really hard won. For few initial days, I left him crying in the arms of his daycare teacher. I used to be very sentimental and used to curse my decision of getting my son enrolled in the daycare. As per the daycare teacher, it is very obvious and normal that the child gets scared parting from her mother and having strangers all around. She used to tell me to relax my thought horses and give some time to my boy. Although, my situation was the most favorable one can ever get. The daycare is in my office only and I had the freedom to go and hug my son anytime. Howbeit, for a mother of home pampered kid, it was toilsome.

Days were going in hope of my 1 and half-year-old getting jelled there. What a tough time it was! One day when I was standing in front of the daycare door carrying my boy, and the daycare teacher lovingly called him  “Come, my child”, I saw my clingy tot willingly rushing to someone else’s arms. I was emotional and in tears. That was the day when he waved me a good bye all smiling and looking pleased. Aah!! I was so composed and poised. Since then, my son is gleefully enjoying his daycare. He is learning new things and understanding the world more and more. All thanks to daycare staff, they love my boy so much.

Every other day when I drop my son to his daycare, I find new moms and new kids joining the gang of cute kids who stay there till evening. I observe mothers in the same situation where I was 2 years back, nervous and tender hearted. They stick around the daycare’s gate to see if their kids stop crying after their disappearance. Some of them ask me to go inside and check their buds. I do this whole heartedly and religiously. I know what these mothers are going through and someone like me whose kid is settled since long can give them the much-needed solace.

Then I look at those innocent babies and toddlers who struggle to stay departed from their mothers. If it’s the first day of the daycare, most of the time, they want to stay outside. They hate how everything is so unknown and strange inside. They like to be friend with other kids playing, singing rhymes and reading books. However, they don’t like the grown-up strangers, the daycare staff. I try my bit to make every new kid relax and familiar with ambiance. I take my boy along and try to talk to the new baby. Infants and pre-toddlers don’t respond much. But toddlers do. I give them chocolates, standing by Cadbury’s ad “Har rishtey ki shuruwat meethe se honi chahiye..” Kids like chocolates!  I help my boy to make affinity with new kids. I myself try to be an Anuty-friend with such kids. So that when they see me, they could feel better.  Every day I make sure to say “Hi” and “Good Morning” to new kids of daycare. I manage some time to quickly chat with their mothers in front of them. So that, they could know I am someone they can trust.

And then, my efforts get fruitful. They start giving me smiles back. They start responding my ‘Hi’s and Good Mornings. When during the day, I go and meet my son in the daycare; other kids also come and meet me. Some of them want to sit in my lap, some wish to get carried and some even demand my cell phone. But I manage to give attention to many of them, including my son, whom I give a shared a heed. And this feels so good when you see another baby getting settled in the daycare. I get close to that feeling which I had, when for the first time my boy willingly went in the arms of daycare teacher.

I love kids. And I like to see them smiling, giggling and chuckling all the time. This is how I put in efforts Every Day to make a sad kid smile. I can’t go far and work with any NGO to help unprivileged kids Every Day.  I have to work in my office complete 8 hours. However, I am giving my contribution this way with trying to make a new joiner kid (of daycare) happy Every Day. I see the results and it’s so rewarding, believe me. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

SHE-box Portal : An initiative of Empowering Women

"Woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression. " 

The Women and Child Development ministry today launched an online platform to enable women employees of the central government to file complaints related to sexual harassment at the workplace. Union minister Maneka Gandhi said that first this platform will cater the needs of central government’s women employees and based on its impact and progress, it will be further made widen to cover private sector employees as well.

What is SHE-box?

'SHe-box' (sexual harassment electronic box) is an online complaint management system hosted on the website of the Women and Child Development Ministry. Once a complaint is submitted to the 'SHe-Box', it will be directly sent to the internal complaints committee (ICC) of the ministry/department/PSU/autonomous body etc concerned, to take action on the matter. The portal is also supposed to speed up the process of inquiry and provide a speedier remedy to the women employees.

The expectations from SHE-Box
  • This portal is assumed to ensure the proper implementation of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013.
  • It will also provide a list of follow-up details so that the employee can see the exact status of the complaint.
  • As per the department’s report, the idea of this portal is to remedy the cases before they reach the level where legal action may be warranted.
  • It is also suggested to have a section in the portal so that complainants can "vent" their grievances in detail.
  • This portal is expected to prove a boon for women employees who work in such organization where there is no committee made for taking action on their complaints.
  • This will also make women employees feel more vocal and bold in terms of reporting sexual harassment cases happening around them.
  • The portal will also make women aware about the nature of harassment and definition of what constitutes a case of sexual harassment.
  • Union minister Maneka Gandhi instructed officials to make the portal as "interactive" as possible.
How to file a complaint through SHe-Box?
  • One should have a valid email id and mobile number for filing a complaint. Then, open SHe-Box portal.
  • On the first page of portal comes “Register Your Complaint “option. Clicking on that opens a new page for registering the complaint.
  • Few things are required there. For example; a mobile number, Aadhar number, Ministry/department where one works and against whom one wants to put up the complaint.
  • One can name more than one person a single complaint as the accused box accepts comma separated names.
  • As of now only government's women employees can fill a case there. 
My take

Sexual harassment is widespread. Up to half of working women report experiencing sexual harassment at some point in their careers. Surprisingly, it's widespread occurrence and serious consequences, formal reporting of workplace harassment is very rare. There are myriad of reasons why women employees don’t come forward (much) and report such crime at work places. Victim blaming, further harassment and career fear are on top of the list. Another sorry factor is women often do not know what type of acts qualify as sexual harassment and fail to report them. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 that came into effect recently depicts the rules for dealing with cases of sexual harassment at the workplace. Sadly many of the working women don’t know what this law is and how this can help them.

The Union government has 30.87 lakh employees and on an average, women constitute 12 % of the total force. With this move, The Women and Child Development ministry is trying to give an easy access to reporting system to government women employees, without any need to take help from mediators. I am taking this as a silver lining in the dark clouds of harassment at offices. I am also hoping that this initiative will be proved beneficent for central government’s women employees and will be then get implemented for the private sector as well. I so welcome this move. Empowering women, empowers the nation!!

Monday, 24 July 2017

It was “No” One’s Mistake

Life is full of love, likes and expectations as nicely as it is full of clashes, conflicts and mistakes. We fall into all these, even if we know it is an illusion and these are meant to let go. Especially in relationships, we ride on a plane of uncontrollable emotions which take us from extreme of joy to extreme of sorrow. Those who make up easily and intentionally, keep on the ride. While those who fail to manage, stay back until they start another ride of the same kind. But what if we meet the companions of an old ride after we have moved on to new paths.

Sometimes two close friends have serious clashes and call an end to their intimacy, understanding and affection. I often see people giving stranger looks to each other after they meet each other despite of the fact that they have shared unforgettable pleasure and pains together just sometime back their lives. Does this mean they have moved on? No. This means they still remember all that which is why they are not able to give each other a perfectly stranger’s treatment.

If you break up, do it carefully. It is important to forgive, if certainly not possible to completely forget, before you move on. And the best way to forgive each other is to believe that ‘it was no one’s mistake’.

There is enough possibility that both of you are right at your own points. This is just that you both have different points of view, you should not call the other person wrong.
Even strangers have a defined relation which is of being stranger to each other. So why should we not have a pure heart towards our companions with whom we have broken-up some time back. You may be right at your point and the other person’s view might be absolutely ignorable, but proving the other person’s fault would certainly not heal any of you. On the other hand, if you let go and make up again there is nothing more cheery for both of you.  

So, next time your ego asks you how to let go, how to forgive or how to make up again, tell her that it was probably no one’s mistake.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Take a Stand on the Weight of Your Child’ Schoolbag

The morning telegraph helped with feel positive this day with the news reading as “Telangana caps schoolbag weight, bars homework”. Yes the Government of this youngest Indian state has taken action to save school going children from unjustifiable harassment they come across while hanging seriously heavy schoolbags and also with loads and loads of homework from their schools. The government realizes the importance of physical and mental health of the fortune makers of the country and limits the weight of school bags of children in the state. With this positive development the weight of a school-going in Telangana should be between 1.5 kilograms to 5 kilograms only.
Researches reveal and careful parents are aware that the school bag of an average child usually weighs between 6 kilograms to 12 kilograms only at the primary level. Children bear upto 16 kilograms while they are at high school level, as estimated. However, carrying such load is a clear risk of physical health of children. It may cause serious harm to the collar bone, back bone, cervical spine, vertebral column and even the knees of the children.

It is not just the quantitatively measurable burden of schoolbags, but the mental pressure created by load of school homework also that may cause serious health issue in the growing children. The load of homework often prevents children from getting engaged in physical activities after the table-chair sessions at the classroom. Children at such growing age must take part in recreation and outdoor playing activities. It is believed that excessive amount of school homework can cause anxiety disorders in children.
To be frank, load of schoolbags can be easily decreased to harmless weight if the schools pay due attention to this. Schools should provide good library so that children do not need to carry any extra book. School teachers should also make sessions more interactive and less bookish as far as possible. This is possible at least upto class fifth. Since the weight of only one book may become 4kilograms for children in class 11th and 12th, schools may also start a system of providing mini lockers to students in higher standards. In these lockers individual students can keep their books inside the school campus and get them when required in their classroom session.  
Schools should also refrain from loading the children with burden of homework. As per the Telangana state’s order, children upto class fifth level should not be given any homework, instead, the teachers should find more creative way of teaching like through interesting plays and activity sessions to ensure children have retained what they have learnt. Schools should encourage sports, arts, and culture by allowing students have time for these.
Well, ever since I was a school going child, careful parents were worried about the weighs of schoolbags we used to carry. However, the slogan that ‘schools make the future of your children’, has been discouraging most parents from taking a stand against it. Though we all must accept that such loads are more harmful than helpful for our children. Hence, we must take a stand against it.

Take a note of the weight of your child’s school bag and the amount of homework they are being allotted by their schools. If you find it more than acceptable, you should raise this issue in our children’s schools and ensure than an acceptable norm is resorted against such exploitation of your ailing school kids. 

Thank you for being an awesome teacher Son

Don’t you think raising these tiny souls is no less than working for NASA? I always get such vibes when I see my son stepping on the milestones of his life. It is a feeling of proud mixed with sentimental reflex. “Khushi Ke anshu..” you see. Recently a few things happened at our end that made me so glad and eminent. Let me share with you those incidents.

One fine day I forgot to put the lunch box in my office bag. It was “Kadhi-Chawal” that day so I was happy that lunch would be a nice treat. Unfortunately, I missed to carry it with me. When I opened my bag during lunch hours, with dreams of having Kadhi-Chawal, I realized, I forgot to take it from the kitchen. I cursed myself for my forgetfulness. Back home, we enjoyed Kadhi-Chawal in dinner as Kadhi-Chawal is my son’s favorite as well. When I was tucking him in the bed, like every day, he demanded a new story. So, I made a whole new story around what happened with me (as I forgot the lunchbox) that day. My boy was with me throughout the narration, absolutely attentive and awake. As I finished my story saying “Mumma fir Kadhi-Chawal nhi khaa pai..” he kissed me and said “Koi baat nhi..Mai kal se aapko yaad dila dunga morning me Kadhi-Chawal le jane ke liye..fir aap roj lunch le jaoge..” I was not expecting such response from him. For a 3-year-old, saying this is a big thing, I feel. Undoubtedly, he loves me and cares for me. And on top of that, he is trying to make sure I never ever forget my Kadhi-Chawal again. Like somebody who is elder to me, my tot behaved so warmhearted then.

The other day, when we both, mother and son were having our breakfast in the office cafeteria, one of my office mates came and said “Hi..” to my son. Usually, when he encounters someone known in the office, he gives him a nice and big smile. However, for unknowns, that’s his cue to grab my leg and duck behind me. He did the same thing. I felt little embarrassed. I have been trying to teach him the importance of acknowledging the existence of others. And this means saying “Good Morning”, “Good evening” or at least “Hi..” when we see someone. But that day my son was shy. Surprisingly, the same day he greeted someone else so well. When I was heading to drop him in his crèche, he said “Good Morning” to the security guard who was standing near to the gate. Even without I asking him to do so. When I turned my face towards guard bhaiya, I saw his face full of expression. He was touched by my son’s gesture. No one does that! No one cares that he is so up to mark in giving his duty. But not sure when my son noticed that he is also a human who needs some importance too. His “Good Morning” was little something that gave guard bhaiya a reason to feel happy. Again I found my boy teaching me about humanity that day. Out of many people who greet him, my boy chose the one whom no one gives attention.

Both the times, I got lessons for myself. People often say a little child shall lead them. In my case, he is and in the process, I am revising my specimens about life. When he says “Hi” to the plants, when he tries to help other kids (of his crèche) finding their shoes and when he claps while bus driver starts the bus, I get assurance about the upbringing that I am giving to him. I don’t want to only raise him, I am trying to make him a HUMAN. I am happy that I can see the progress!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A Letter To My Father On His Retirement

Dear Papa,
I am little fidgety as after a long time I am writing something to you. But I found this mattering much to express my feelings through this letter. Few things written words can express better!
Papa, you are going to depart from your office life very soon, the life which you have been living since you were only 18. Its nature’s law that everything that starts comes to its end and now has come the time of your retirement from this duty, which you have been doing since last 38 years!
I still remember your first interview experience that you shared with me. You were only 18 and selected for a dream job of that time. This job has given you so much; your pride, your confidence and the sense of responsibility. With this job, you were able to give wings to your siblings and family members. I know you have always been an honest employee of your company. Because of that, you gained so much respect and fame there. You are a well-known personality among thousands of employees. Your jolly nature brought you close to many of your office mates who are your friends for a lifetime now. You worked so hard to support and rise your family. Your work gave you the impudence to invest on many good things in life. And all thanks to your job, you were able to promote your daughters to dream about bright futures and careers. But, you know, I still find it funny when Amma says that her father agreed for you because you had this renounced job, else he didn’t like your family :)
Papa, I am not sure if you are prepared for this day or not. You might be having some inner conflicts as well. And I am still unsure how you would be feeling that day. But, I can understand! We often make our work our identity and the purpose of life, especially when we have nothing else to look about. And when retirement comes we think that the sand has slipped from our hands and we can’t do anything now. But Papa, the clock is always different for different people. Some people think the day has gone, while some other think they still have the night. Someone graduated at the age of 22 but waited 5 years for his dream job. Someone became a CEO at the age of 25 and departed at 50. While, another became a CEO at the age of 50, and lived and worked till 90. Someone is still single while others got married and have a family. Absolutely everyone in this world has their own clock. And it’s always in our hands to keep this clock going.
Retiring from this work is the beginning of your next job. Now you have to complete those duties that you were never able to do while doing your job. Spend quality time with Amma. She likes traveling but due to other more important things in life, you both never went on any long trip. So, go explore the world with her. Give water to your hobbies and passions. I know you enjoy gardening and farming. Flourish this hobby, become a new generation farmer. And, you also like writing na? You only wrote all my school debates and speeches. Why not pursue this whim being a blogger? Someone who can awesomely write about culture and mythology, believe me Papa, you’ll be unbeatable then.
Okay, enough of preaching you. All I want to say is, don’t see your retirement as an edge of your life. Take this opportunity to prove yourself. Prove this world that retirement is a change of pace, not the end of the road. Keep on your journey with new people, new work, and new aspirations. While financial security is certainly critical, you need to amass more than money for a successful retirement. See it as an opportunity for new goals and accomplishments. Just because you will be retired from one career does not mean you can’t start another. Did you noticed Papa, Obama retired at 55 and Trump started at 70? And the founders of McDonald’s, Coca Cola, and Kentucky Fried Chicken were all over 50 when they established their businesses. So, it's time to take that off ramp to your new life and new interest you may never have known you had.


Monday, 17 July 2017

Vibhu & Papa - Day 33

Vibhu is so SMART..

I Am A Good Parent

My typical days start with heading office with my boy along. After reaching office we both, mother and son, do our breakfast together and then I drop him to his daycare. It is in my office building only. Not always, he makes a fuss about going to his Pinky didi. (Pinky is his attending teacher. She is such a nice soul and loves my boy so much.) But some days he does. So I take him for a walk outside to change his mood. We go to the beautiful garden nearby. We collect flowers, arrange them on grass and enjoy the fresh air. We also talk about how the day is going to be so exciting for him. I tell him that all his friends Alisha, Adhya, and others have come and they are waiting for him. Then, I find him asking about the ‘Others’, the names which I don’t take. Slowly he gives me signs to join them. I check my watch and without any further delay I hand him over to his Pinky did.

Many of my office mates see all this happening LIVE. When I came back dropping my son to the daycare, they say a disquieting thing “Oh, You dropped him? He was not willing to go today. You should have spent some more time. He is still a child.” And then I grin and say “I don’t have any more time.” While going to my seat, I ask the same question to myself on every such day “Am I a good parent?”  But thank God, I don’t get consumed in judging myself all day.

With close to 3 years of my motherhood trek, I have learned mammoth of things. The list is sufficiently long. But I have learned another super important thing that I want to share. Every parent should keep on reminding him/her that “He/She is a good parent”. Like the shlokas and chants that we hum every day, we should also mediate this mantra everyday “I am a good parent.”

We belong to the generation of parents who spends half of their minds in giving the best nurturing to their kids. From the best baby products to the best food, the best utensils, the best outfits and absolutely the best carrying. We, then give them the best schooling and only the best facilities to rise and grow. Everything we try is the best we can afford. We sacrifice our dreams and longings to send our kids for higher studies. We even have learned to live alone when our kids get settled in any distant city. And still after any comment from a passerby we start calculating and evaluating our assumptions and parenting ethics. I am so done with it! Now I don’t care much what others say. If they think I value my office more than my son, then it’s their shortsightedness. I said ‘much’  here because it’s human nature to get affected by what others say. However, soon I get my solace back.

My kid is jolly (99% of the time) and he is surrounded by a fantastic support system (thanks to our extended family, neighbors and his daycare teachers). He is constantly laughing, he has lots of little friends, and he is loved more than he will ever know. He is doing well physically and mentally. He is continuously learning and catching new things as well.  Yes, he is testing my patience with his emotions of being a three-year-old, and yes, sometimes I feel like crying and eloping, but at the end of the day I know that I AM A GOOD PARENT.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

SEAMO is Here..

Have you heard about SEAMO,The Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad? No, then this post is definitely going to give you much-needed insight here.

SEAMO, is not merely an Olympiad rather it is aimed at bringing the most creative and youngest mind of the world in a friendly competition at the highest level.

Now as it’s an Olympiad, it has the purpose of finding the minds which are extra ordinary and can think out of the box. This is first time that SEAMO is going to conduct test in India and the decided date is 6 of August. Students from class 5 to class 12 are eligible for this great Olympiad. The exam will provide students an opportunity to identify and discover their mathematical talents through creative challenges. Now, one other thing that I found interesting here was that the question paper will be prepared at the same time for India as for other countries, so the level of difficulty of both exams will be same. Thus this Olympiad will set a clear benchmark for Indian students about their performance as compared to international students.

SEAMO, (SouthEast Asian Mathematical Olympiad) originated from Singapore, is conceptualized and managed by noted mathematician and experts of Terry Chew Institute of Mathematical Olympiad (TCIMO).

Last year, more than 40,000 students from across 12 Asian countries like Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Jakarta, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Timor-Leste appeared in SEAMO. Now SEAMO will be held for the first time in India across 55 cities and in more than 100 test centers. If I talk about the benefits of Olympiad, I guess the very first point will be, “Gaining out of the box thinking”. Kids get additional knowledge and competitive spirit. It gives a chance to students to sharpen their skills by tackling a number of problems at a level they are not likely to encounter in their classrooms. 

SEAMO encourages analytical thinking, as it presents a platform which assesses the logical thinking and problem-solving approach of a student by compelling them to think deeply.

SEAMO is a single stage test. It encourages all categories of students to participate; ie good, average, math’s lovers and even those who are not fond of math’s Olympiad. The test has 3 sections; Easy, Moderate & Difficult. So, even an average student can attempt few questions based on their thinking ability and can get a sense of achievement with participating in a great Olympiad. The test will be of Objective Type. Every question will carry 4 answer options wherein one option will be correct. There is absolutely no negative marking in the pattern. Students would get two ranks: National and International, and Performance Analysis report is given to each student to analyze his/her strengths and weaknesses. 

Rewards and Important dates

·         * Gold Plated Medal & Certificate: Top 0.025% of students
·         * Silver Plated Medal & Certificate: Next 1% of students
·         * Bronze Plated Medal & Certificate: Next 2% of students
·         * Participation Certificate for all: For all students
·         * SEAMO scheduled in India: 6 August 2017 (Sunday)
·         * Last date of Registration: 31 July 2017 (Monday)
·         * Results will be announced: 25 August 2017

Registration for SEAMO

There are 2 modes of registration:
·        * Offline Mode: Students can fill up the form through their respective school along with the registration fees and/or submit the filled in a form at the nearest registration office mentioned in the brochure.
·        * Online Mode: You can visit the official SEAMO website i.e; fill up the online registration form and by submitting the registration fees.

Important links

·       * SEAMO website:
·       * Sample Papers: http://seamo-of
·       * Syllabus: http://seamo-of

Final Verdict

As a math’s lover, I am really looking forward to this Olympiad that is going be organized for the first time in our country. I am not saying that if your kid fulfills the criteria of participation then he/she must take part and this should be the ONLY aim. However, I am more inclined towards the participation of kids. You should encourage your kids for first take part and if they like it then next time they can join it with due preparation. For more details, please visit SEAMO website.

This post is written for SEAMO to spread awareness about it's launch in India. This is not a paid post.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Menstrual Leave, Discrimination or Necessity?

A recent news notification brought to our notice that two of Indian companies have started a culture of menstruation leave for their female employees. Though many foreign countries have already given this gesture to their female staff which allows them a day off when they come across with their menstruation cramp every month. In countries like Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea, working women have legitimate right for paid leave if and when they are not able to work during their periods. Some countries, like Germany, even wanted to allow paid leave of upto three days for working ladies with regard to social sustainability concerns. However, this brought up a debate on this matter that continues till now.

The debate is about how fair and important are the menstrual leaves. On one hand we all know how hard it may be to manage at workplace for a women on the first day of her periods, we also know a day of paid leave is a loss of business. Some people including women believe that a law allowing women menstrual leave would discourage and refrain employers from hiring them. There are also critics who believe that this gesture of women social security is going to encourage issues of gender discrimination. There are some professions, like the police services or being a sports person, in which it may be hard to give a women her menstrual leave when she has to perform. Though it is also argued that even if women are not allowed a leave when facing such cramp, they would be hardly able to give their 100% to the business.

A research on reproductive health in London explores that period pain can be as “bad as having a heart attack” and I as a women, I have experienced it. I know how all women manage to live with it during their periods. When at the workplace, our period trouble is easily noticed by everyone around. To our female co-workers, it is easy to indicate what is there causing us look uncomfortable. But to the male co-workers and friends, it is not easy to explain this discomfort. Even to the most open minded women, it is a bit of hesitation as mere indications would not be sufficient to tell them what we are going through. And explain it completely is something seriously not to be attempted at least for that moment. Hence, “I am not well today”, “it’s just a bit of weakness”, “there’s stomach pain” or “have some fever today” are the common excuses we make. Aren’t these? But have you ever wondered why we cannot openly say that “I am suffering from period cramp today”, after all menstruation or period cramps are no disease women suffer from. These are as natural as our month end salary. 

Whatever be it, Culture Machine, a media agency that has recently announced menstrual leaves for its female staff has also determined to file a petition to make menstrual leave a legal right of all working women in our country. Women are full of strength, creativity and talent and respecting their biological distinction with men is not promoting discrimination, according to me. Instead, it is encouraging participation of women more open mindedly and more generously. Possibly, not a paid leave but a menstrual leave is something that would allow most of us to escape from giving silly excuses when the reason of our day off can be perfectly explained as “a menstrual leave”.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Vibhu & Papa - Day 30

Vibhu is so unexpected and can give you RIDES like anything..

Monday, 10 July 2017

#MondayMommyMoments क्यूकि तुम बड़ी जल्दी सीख रहे हो सब..

छोटे बच्चे कितने जल्दी चीजे सीख लेते है ये मैंने अपने बेटे को देख कर समझा. टीवी का रिमोट कैसे काम करता है.. खिलौनों के सेल कैसे निकल सकते है.. स्टूल को इस्तेमाल कैसे करे कि स्विच मिल जाए खेलने के लिए.. ये सब मेरे ३ साल के बेटे ने ना जाने कैसे सीख लिया!! मैं अपने फ़ोन में पासवर्ड डाल कर रखती हूँ ताकि जब तक मैं ना चाहू वो फ़ोन में गेम्स ना खेल पाए. पर उसने पता नहीं कैसे पासवर्ड भी डालना सीख लिया 😃.

अभी कुछ दिनों पहले मैं अपने बेटे को सुलाने के लिए माहौल बना रही थी. माहौल से मेरा मतलब है उसे बताना कि अब सोने का टाइम है और उसे अब अपने दिमाग को आराम देना चाहिए. तो मैं नाईट लैंप जला देती हूँ और कमरा बंद करके माहौल बनाती हूँ सोने का. इसी दौरान मैं उसे नाईट सूट भी पहनाती हूँ जिसका भी मतलब है अब गुड नाईट करने का वक्त आ गया. मैंने अभी नाईट सूट निकाला ही था और मैं अलमारी बंद करके पलटी तो देखा मेरे बेटे ने नाईट सूट पहन भी लिया था. मैं एकदम भौचक्की रह गई. खुश भी थी कि खुद से सीख गया एक और चीज पर उससे ज्यादा हक्की- बक्की थी कि कितनी जल्दी सीख रहा है सबकुछ ये..

मेरी दोस्त कहती है कि वो एक होशियार बच्चा है इसलिए जल्दी सीख लेता है सब कुछ. तो क्यों ना जीवन की कुछ बाते उसे जल्दी सीखा दू..? मुझे पता है काफी कुछ वो स्कूल जाकर सीख लेगा और कुछ चीजे उसे दोस्तों, समाज और आस पास के लोगो से मिल जाएंगी. फिर भी मैंने कुछ बाते सोची है जो मैं उसे सीखना शुरू कर रही हूँ अभी से..

१. कोई काम लड़का -लड़की का अलग या विशेष नहीं होता. सभी काम सब लोग कर सकते है और करने भी चाहिए. तो मैं चाहती हूँ कि वो मेरे साथ किचन के काम सीखे. वो मेरे साथ कपड़ें धोना सीखे. उसे आत्म निर्भर बनने के लिए अच्छी पढ़ाई के साथ-साथ घर के काम भी सीखने होंगे. मैं चाहती हूँ कि वो अच्छा जीवन साथी बनने के लिए अभी से चीजे सीखे.

२. घर के बाहर का हर बुजुर्ग उसके लिए वैसे ही आदरणीय होना चाहिए जैसे उसके अपने दादा-दादी या नाना-नानी है. उसे समझना होगा कि छोटे बच्चो और बुजुर्गो को ज्यादा प्यार की जरुरत होती है. और अगर हम सभी बाहर के बुजुर्गो को भी प्यार और आदर देना शुरू कर दे तो शायद उन्हें घर में मिलने वाली प्यार की कमी से उबरने में मदद मिल सके.

३. मैं चाहती हूँ कि वो दूसरो की बड़ाई करना सीखे. मुझे कभी-कभी लगता है कि ये गुन मेरे पतिदेव में नहीं है. वो मेरे बनाए हुए खाने की कम ही तारीफ करते है. हां, जब मैं खुद से पूछती हूँ कि कैसा बना है तो बोल देते है अच्छा है. पर प्रशंशा करना अपने आप में एक बहुत बड़ा साधन है दूसरे को ये बताने कि उसकी मेहनत सफल रही. थोड़ी से बड़ाई अपनों को और पास ला सकती है तो मैं चाहती हूँ मेरे बेटा बाकी सब साइंस के साथ ये कला भी सीखे.

४. मैं उसे अभी से सीखना चाहूंगी कि हार और जीत खेल के दो पहलू है. ये खेल मैदान के भी हो सकते है या फिर रिश्तो के भी. और किसी भी तरह की हार का ये मतलब नहीं कि वो हताश हो जाए, फिर कोशिश न करे..या फिर किसी के लिए गलत भावना रखे. अपना बेस्ट देना ही हमारा काम होना चाहिए. अगर उसके बाद भी हार मिले तो दो गुने उत्साह से अगली बार कोशिश करनी चाहिए. और हार कर जीतने वाले को बाज़ीगर कहते है.. ऐसा मैंने SRK से सुना था :)

बचपन चिकनी मिट्टी के समान होता है. उसे जैसा चाहे वैसे ढाल सकते है. तो अभी से इस बात को ध्यान में रखना एक माँ होने के नाते मेरे लिए भी जरूरी है..सीखने के लिए अभी बहुत कुछ सामने आने वाला है मेरे बेटे के लिए. वो अभी सिर्फ ३ साल का है. पर कुछ चीजे बच्चे सिर्फ घर पर ही सीख सकते है तो मेरी कोशिश ये हमेशा रहेगी कि वो जीवन जीने की कला जरूर सीखे. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Vibhu & Papa - Day 27

Vibhu & Papa fighting for TV..

#Mondaymommymoments A few things I would change in re-living my motherhood trek

Touch-wood, my motherhood journey seems quite well when I look back to those days. I had many issues that could have created road blocks for me, but fortunately, my family always supported me. The best supporter award, of course, goes to my husband who always stood by me. And even today, he never misses a chance to give me wings.

I am a working mother and when my maternity leaves came to end, the very first dilemma was “Who would take care of the baby?” My mother-in-law came to rescue the plot. She stayed with us until my boy was one and half years old. Then I enrolled him in a daycare and sent my mother-in-back back to my in-law’s place. Things are going good so far. However, whenever I sail through those initial days of my motherhood, I find a few things that I would definitely want to change:

I want to extend my maternity leaves. Now maternity benefit bill has suggested 26 weeks of maternity leaves but when I was pregnant, it was only 3 months. I went to my home town (from Delhi) for my delivery so I traveled a month before my due date. This way after delivery I had only 2 months to give to my newborn. That, I always feel, was very unfair and somehow I did this injustice to my son. I would like to change this first in my motherhood journey. I would like to give more time and love to my tiny baby before resuming work.

More efforts for breastfeeding my boy. As I had to resume my work when my boy was only 2 and half month old, we mother and son struggled to make our bond. And I feel that’s why I couldn’t feed him for a longer time. In my absence, he was bottle fed, and when back home, I tried breastfeeding him, my boy used to get irritated. Sucking bottle was easy for him than striving on the proper latch. Slowly we both gave up. My lactation dropped and after 5 months, my boy was on formula only. I want to change this part as well. I should have tried more to feed him. I missed those beautiful moments that a mother-son enjoys during breastfeeding.

Making my boy sleep close to me.  My son never slept putting his legs on me, or embracing me in love, or putting the head on my arm. The reason is, he is mostly bottle fed and that’s why he always slept on his own. I often rocked him and made him sleep in my lap. But like other breastfed babies, he doesn’t have a habit of sticking to my tummy before sleeping. Although it’s great that he learned to sleep independent very early but sometimes I want him to sleep putting his head on my arm, close to my heart. So I would like to go back to the time and try him learn sleep this way.

Rest I feel is perfect in my motherhood trek. I was able to change my job with preparing for an interview, even though I had a newborn at home. I was able to get “League Extraordinaire” award at the office for working extraordinarily throughout the year. It was amazing, I had a baby still I was able to add value to office work. All thanks to my husband who supported me so much. He took care of our baby just a mother does. And, I would like to share credit with my boy as well. Since the beginning he is such a jolly and adjusting baby. He gets jelled with people easily. He even didn’t make much fuss when he was infant. So, overall my life is beautiful and nothing much needs any change. That’s why I feel blessed, you know J

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Vibhu & Papa - Day 24

Vibhu loves to copy Papa..

The importance of 'Forgiving'

This is special post on the International Day of Forgiving(7th July)

We all are human beings and what makes us humans is the quality of mercy and compassion. This compassion makes all of us able to forgive. 

Forgiveness is one of the most appreciable qualities of human beings. Those who are full of forgiveness to others are known as Saints. Normal people might get angry on those who perform an action that hurts as this causes them go angry. Anger is not at all good. An angry person is most likely to hurt others as well as his own self. But there are many kind of people around us and their behavior is often very annoying to us. So can we escape ourselves from anger? The answer is exactly what I am talking about, “forgiveness”.  

To forgive is to let go something that is otherwise not pleasing or painful to you and allow an excuse to the person who cause you anger or pain.

A famous saying states that “There are two ways to make your life happier; one is to forgive and the other is to be forgiven.” 

Those who are able to forgive eventually lead a better and more peaceful life. Those who know how to forgive are the strongest people as they stand stronger than those who can punish or take a revenge. Of course, forgiving does not change the event or action that has hurt someone in past, however, it certainly helps in healing the pain and making the future better. 

No one of us is free from evils. All of us are likely to commit mistakes though which we intentionally or unintentionally hurt others. If those hurt get angry with you there comes a conflict which again opens the process of hurting each other. But what if the other person forgives you for what you have done? It is soothing and leads to peace for you both. 

So, this 7th July do forgive all those who have ever hurt you and ask those you have ever hurt to forgive you. You will certainly see the magic of more peaceful, more enjoyable and a happier life of yours. 

Keep Forgiving!

Monday, 3 July 2017